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Top 10 Best T-shirt Brands in the World

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Looking good is feeling good and this is without any exemption. When it comes to clothing and especially T-shirts it can be a bit tough to find brands that make quality ones. Most folks prefer dressing up casually and this incorporates T-shirts and any other casual wear. Now, if you are looking to own some of the best T-shirt brands then this is your article. I will list for you some of the best t-shirt brands in the world that you should consider owning this year in order to up your fashion game. These brands have been in the fashion game for years others tracing down to the 1880s hence why they are worth your money for a t-shirt or two.




Starting off the list is Gucci which is one of the best t-shirt brands in the field. Most of the time it has been associated with celebrities and rich people but that shouldn't worry you because it is for all people. This brand which traces back to the 1920s is an Italian-owned company that has risen to fame due to its quality and unique clothing including t-shirts.

Gucci t-shirts come in all sizes and shapes, are made by some of the best designers, and have fantastic prints that were used in the 80s and some are very affordable hence the huge popularity. It has over 278 stores across different countries so if you want to get one of its t-shirts it's pretty easy and you can also shop online on their website or other retailers. The company has been listed on Forbes most valuable companies with a revenue of $4.3 billion. Many celebrities have worn the brand on red carpet events including Bruno Mars hence why it has risen to fame over the years. Everyone looks forward to having a Gucci shirt and you should too.


Louis Vuitton


This is one of the oldest and most expensive brands in the world. It has been said to be the trendsetter for most of the years in the fashion industry. Louis Vuitton is a French clothing brand that majorly specializes in women's clothes. However, they have recently been working on menswear too. LV t-shirts are quite expensive but worth the money as they are top-tier and rare. This is one of the best t-shirt brands which also specializes in other luxury accessories and has been named for long as the most valuable with a worth of $10 billion. It has been worn at major events, featured in TV shows, and endorsed by huge celebrities like Beyonce. It has many stores in over 50 countries and you can also get its products online. Their t-shirts are by far some of the best and would be worth your money.



This one is definitely known by many people across the world. Nike is one of the best brands that is mainly associated with sportswear with major footballers like Tiger Woods being its brand ambassadors. The American brand which was founded in 1964 has a worth of over $30 billion and many people across the world are fans of it. The brand which is known for sports shoes has over the years seen its expansion into other items of clothing paving way for its success. As most of their t-shirts are branded, they are definitely worth your money since they are made from quality material.

Nike has a variety of t-shirts to choose from which are for all genders and ages and are accessible from almost any corner of the world. If you are a lover of Nike, then you understand the meaning of quality fashion wear which is very affordable for everyone hence what makes it one of the best t-shirt brands. They have a presence in almost every country, and you can buy their t-shirts in any store near you. The brand which is one of the most valued in the field is definitely giving its competitors a run for their money.



Officially known as Gianni Versace, this is an Italian brand that has come to be recently known for its unique clothes that have bright colors and styles. Versace is one of the best t-shirt brands and has been won around the world by people of wealthy lifestyles and is regularly seen on red carpets hence what brought it to fame. Their t-shirts are of various sizes and styles made from silk and cotton. Versace is like royalty, wearing their t-shirts fits in with almost every other clothe and color. The brand which has been endorsed by famous people like Jenifer Lopez who is a regular client and has a variety of clothes from casual to formal styles. The shocking part is it only has 500 employees but still is able to deliver some of the best fashion styles that are loved by people across the world. You can buy their products on their website.



Coco Chanel is a French clothing brand that is rising to fame, especially for its perfume. It was founded in 1909 putting it on the list of one of the oldest and has up to date been engaged in making quality t-shirts through its creative designers from across the world. Most young people associate themselves with the brand which is a representation of young and classy. It's a privately owned company that operates its sales online majorly and has many followers on its social media accounts. It has a variety of luxury accessories to choose from which is why it is on the list of the best t-shirt brands. Their t-shirts are quite expensive and of very high-quality material. Most famous rappers have endorsed the brand for its stylish t-shirts that come in all sizes. They are available online for purchase.



This is also another French-owned brand that has been a player in the market for quite a long time. It was founded in 1837 specializing in bags, watches, and other items. It prospered a lot during the 1970s and has stores in over 40 countries. Hermes has so far been focusing on digital media to expand its business and offers a variety of items. Hermes is one of the best t-shirt brands known for its branded t-shirts that have been worn by major athletes. It has some of the best t-shirts which are priced from as low as $10 and affordable to all.

It has built a place for itself in the field over the years and has clients who trust it for its quality t-shirts that are worth the money. It is estimated to have revenues of $5.4billion putting it on the map as some of the most valued luxury brands in the globe. If you are looking for branded t-shirts that are of top-tier material, then Hermes will definitely satisfy your need. Some of them have beautiful designs are made of silk and cotton. You can purchase their t-shirts online or in stores near you.



Zara is a Spanish brand that is known for its numerous designs launched every year. It was founded in 1974 and has so far revenues of over $15.9billion. It is among the best t-shirt brands in the industry with a lot of styles to choose from. If you are a lover of staying up to date with new trends, then this is your brand. It makes its newly made t-shirts fresh from the runway readily available for purchase in its stores. With its many designs released every year that is over 12000, you will have many classy options to choose from and definitely fill your closet with exclusive trends.

It has many influential people who have endorsed it for being the leading in a variety of designs and introducing new t-shirt designs every year. From footballers, basketballers, and all the famous people you can think of, Zara has served them with its products. The amazing thing about this brand is its t-shirts are very affordable. This is why it is one of the best t-shirt brands in the world and is definitely worth you trying out. You can buy its t-shirts on their website or any other online retailer or in stores that offer their products.



Another famous giant in the fashion industry is Dior which is among the best t-shirt brands in the world. It was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior and is suited in France and has revenues of over $55.2 billion. This is another luxury brand that has risen to fame over the years most popularly for its perfume. However, it has also specialized in t-shirts that have been worn by many celebrities across the world including songs written for the brand. Dior t-shirts come in a range of colors and styles that can be worn in all seasons.

With famous people like Kendall Jenner having been spotted wearing it the brand is known for its exquisite t-shirts that are not very cheap hence why it is popular among the rich. This is one brand you do not want to miss out on if you want to upgrade your t-shirt collection this year. They have online stores where you can purchase them and stores near you if you live in Europe or America. The company has been listed on Forbes for its high-value sales and is obviously in the race to be the top best t-shirt brand in the world. Their products are rare and usually run out of stock the minute they are released hence why you should consider checking it out.



Founded in 1975 by Gorgio Armani this is an Italian brand in Milan that is on the list of the best t-shirt brands in the globe. The brand specializes in fashion accessories, leather products, and shoes that are distributed across the world. It has also been endorsed by many celebrities and has made a place for itself in the fashion industry as one of the most trusted and respected high-value brands. Armani t-shirts are quite expensive and are available in various styles. You can shop for them online or in stores near you.

The brand is a representation of the founder's personality as are other brands hence what makes it a unique one of all. This is shown through its t-shirt styles and designs which are highly purchased by people of the high class. Today the brand has expanded into different sub-divisions with each catering to the needs of different people in the society and at affordable prices. Armani t-shirts can be bought from many stores and also online from online retailers.




To finish up the list is Valentino another luxurious brand that has had a presence in many red-carpet events. This is one of the most recognized fashion houses in Europe and is highly respected in the region. The brand was founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani specializing in perfumes. Over the years with its expansion and growth to fame the brand has ventured into other products including t-shirts.

It has celebrities who have endorsed it including Lady Gaga who is a brand ambassador. The brand has a presence in over 100 countries worldwide and over 1500 stores where you can shop for their products. Valentino t-shirts are quite expensive hence why they are only popular among the rich hence why it's one of the best t-shirt brands in the world. They are made of top-tier material and will be a match for the price. If you want nice quality t-shirts and have the money then this is the brand to may want to consider.



The above-listed companies are some of the best t-shirt brands in the world that are worth trying out. When dressing up you want to wear something that will represent your personality. T-shirts come in handy in ensuring this is achieved due to their simplicity and lightness. The material of making them is usually the most essential thing and is what most brands mess up. However, with the above brands, you can expect the best quality t-shirts in the market that are totally worth the money.For more T shirt picks, you can check out Luxurydeal where there is a wide variety of amazing t shirts at the reasonable price.