luxurydeal / June 27, 2022

Ways to Wear Your Sunglasses

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People love to wear sunglasses in summer days. while sunglasses are a perfect way to protect your eyes and the sensitive area around them from sunlight and possible artificial lighting, they become an essential part of your outfit when worn right. Sunglasses are a truly magical accessory, which can transform an unremarkable outfit and render you suave at a stroke. Unlike optical glasses, sunglasses hide the eyes, they blank out a face’s key feature and replace it with a striking design which becomes the focus of attention. That’s why it’s important to know when and how to wear them, as well as what style will best accentuate your features. Let’s explore more.


Choosing a style


When we think of sunglasses we automatically think of black frames and dark lenses, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Sunglasses can be a way of expressing your personality and the truly stylish man will have the confidence to choose frames and lenses which are distinctive


Unless you are hip hop royalty avoid extreme styles and colors, they won’t make you the funniest most charismatic guy at the party, they’ll just risk you looking clownish.  Choosing a style of sunglasses that suits you is about knowing yourself and finding a style that you are comfortable with.


If you enjoy wearing sunglasses, pretty soon you’ll realize that one pair is never enough and that different styles suit different contexts.  The pair that you wear to a barbecue will probably not work as well on a business trip.  Women are much happier to have multiple pairs of sunglasses in the same way that they will have multiple pairs of shoes, men are still inclined to assume one pair will suit all occasions, they won’t.


Just as a stylish suit will have been made to measure, so too a pair of sunglasses need to fit your face. Your skin tone, your face shape, and your hair style are all factors which will affect the appearance of your sunglasses, but whatever the style you choose, a perfect fit is crucial.


The temples need to be the right length and the frames should sit comfortably and close to the eye.  They may be a very fine pair of sunglasses, but you won’t look suave if the frames don’t fit.


Clothing to suit your sunglasses or sunglasses to suit your clothing?


Sunglasses have a way of stealing the show.  They draw the eye and are the first focus of attention, so make sure that you keep them clean.


A stylish, sophisticated appearance is one in which each of the elements is just right, from the shoes up to the sunglasses. Your items of clothing should never compete with one another and they should never compete with your sunglasses. A riot of colors and patterns is just a visual headache, so exercise restraint.


Ways to Wear


1. Wear Them on Your Nose


Yes, the good old sunglasses-on-nose situation. Make sure you find the right fit and always handle your sunnies with both your hands - this prevents strain on one hinge if you hold them by only one temple.

You can push them all the way up to the top of your nose, or have them sit lower, just below or on top of the nose bridge - this looks especially good with small glasses with a thin metal frame. In any case, make sure they’re sitting comfortably, and if need be, adjust the nose pad arms to fit your nose.


2. Secure Them on Your Head


Flipping the lenses up to the top of your head is the most simple and common way in the world to rest your shades. This position is phenomenal for convenience, but depending on how tight your sunglasses are, they may or may not stay put. So long as there’s little danger of losing your shades or having them fall off at an embarrassing time, then the top of the head is the quickest and arguably most stylish way to store your shades while indoors. For girls, this also is another way to hold you hair out of your face without messing up your do.


3. Hang Them on Your Shirt/Top


Another easy way to store your shades quickly when you don’t need them for vision is to hook them onto your shirt or top. This is a great way of wearing them when you’re not wearing them – and it looks super stylish for both men and women. As long as you’re not in constant action, you won’t risk them falling off or onto the floor and if you have buttons, you can hook the arm through for extra security.


4. Use a Neck Strap

Sports suppliers have created handy neck straps for keeping your sunglasses at the ready when you’re not wearing them. These holders keep your sunglasses fairly close to your body when they’re not on your face. They’re excellent for sports because they won’t fly around like they would on a longer lanyard.


5. Use a Lanyard

Of course, if you’re not participating in running, cycling, or team sports, a Lanyard can be a great way to wear your sunglasses when you don’t have them on. With a lanyard, the arms of your sunglasses stay open, so they’re always ready to put back on your face. This is helpful if you’re busy and don’t want to have to think about your sunglasses. Gardeners, for example, are great candidates for lanyards because they can easily put their glasses on and take them off as they move between sun and shade.


Bottom Line

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