The Burberry brand has long been an established brand in the United Kingdom-and in fact, around the world-and the Burberry reputation continuously exceeds itself even as trends come and go in the fashion world. The vision of the brand in pop culture is channeled through its iconic check print and today, this design is one of the most recognisable patterns in the world. So, what makes Burberry so special? Here are our favourite facts about the iconic brand.


The Origin of Burberry


Burberry was begun by Thomas Burberry as far back as 1856 when the 21-year old draper saw the need for clothing that would protect wearers from finicky British weather. The original focus of the ambitious lad was to create clothing for the outdoors, and this Basingstoke-based draper was soon the draper of choice for Lord Baden Powell and Lord Kitchener.


Soon after, in 1879, Burberry went on to create gabardine, and his reputation solidified even further. Gabardine quickly became the go-to fabric at the time, with its weatherproof, hardwearing, and breathable qualities that revolutionised outdoor wear. Burberry gained the patent for gabardine in 1888. In 1891, Burberry’s first shop opened to fabulous reviews in Haymarket in London. After nine years, the famous ‘Equestrian Knight’ logo still identified with the brand was introduced, and it aptly included a word in Latin: ‘Prorsum,’ which means to move forwards.


The Burberry story continued in the First World War, and another popular Burberry attire – the trench coat – was worn in the trenches by British officers. The trench coat was referred to as the Tielocken, and it had a belt and was designed to protect the wearer’s entire body from their head to their toes. The typical Tielocken is distinguished by its buckle fastening and its single strap as well as a single button located on the collar.


5 Reasons to Love Burberry


1. The brand combines two favourite interests of music and fashion. Music is a huge part of the brand for the way in which it features up-and-coming artists at every show, as well as uploading videos onto Youtube of other inspiring artists, helping them to gain greater exposure.

2. The designs are incredible season-after-season

3. The garments are wearable for the everyday person! There are so many brands out there that, although incredibly awe-inspiring and thought-provoking, are too 'artsy' in my opinion. It's nice that Burberry is still a high-fashion brand that is still relatable and wearable for ordinary people, while still maintaining a fashion forward feel.

4. The brand takes advantage of its social networks, allowing Burberry to capture the attention of 'fans' in addition to customers and heighten exclusivity. For example, the brand has been using live streams for their shows since 2009 and released snippets of its S/S16 collection on Snapchat the day before the runway show aired.

5. The signature item-at each show the brand reveals a new seasonal signature item. You've all seen the iconic monogrammed poncho, and for S/S16 it's all about the monogrammed backpack.


Why is Burberry So Expensive?

Burberry Is A Luxury Brand

Luxury brands like Burberry are more expensive than high-end or mass-market brands because not everyone can have them. Luxury is a synonym for quality, for the best materials, the best craftsmanship, or the best shopping experience. Burberry offers all that, so you will pay more for it.

When you buy a Burberry product, you are purchasing a piece of luxury. The feeling you get when you wear a Burberry product is priceless. You always assume all the best things were used to make a luxury product (sometimes that’s not the case), even if no one said it explicitly. That’s why consumers that buy Burberry feel special.

Knowing how customers feel when its products are bought makes Burberry impose higher prices on its goods, which is why Burberry is so expensive.


Burberry Provides Status and Exclusivity

Some consumers love to feel special, and that’s why they purchase products from luxury brands because they know most people can’t afford them. That’s the case with Burberry since most people can’t buy those items because the prices are very high.


If most people can’t purchase an item from a brand then, they can’t have it. However, some people love this exclusivity promoted by luxury brands and want to show their status to the world. Therefore, they don’t mind spending a lot of money showing everyone they are part of an exclusive group of people who can afford Burberry.


Brands like Burberry preferred to burn and destroy unsold clothes, accessories, and perfumes worth millions rather than lose their sense of exclusivity. This is how extreme some luxury brands are, and that’s why the prices are costly, to ensure only a specific type of customer (the wealthy ones) can wear the brand.


Burberry Provides Highest Quality Raw Materials

Burberry needs to deliver the best products possible, made from the best materials to make customers happy and satisfied.

When it comes to its trench coats, Burberry uses cashmere and wool for the most expensive ones. However, the cheapest trench coats can be made of polyester or cotton.

The same happens with Burberry scarves, where the best materials such as silk, wool, or cashmere are used to manufacture them. So you can expect the best materials when it comes to Burberry, at least on most items.

Burberry is very expensive, but you can still find a gap in prices between the same products depending on the materials used to manufacture them. The best materials tend to be more expensive than the common ones, like polyester or cotton.


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