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Christian Dior founded Dior in 1946, becoming one of the most recognized and desirable brands globally. Christian Dior has been ruling the high seas of fashion for many decades and during this time has attracted the world’s foremost royalty and crème de la crème clientele. No matter the season, Dior has always imbued those who choose to wear the silhouette with an innate sense of style. On top of that, Dior established his name across a global range of products including cosmetics, perfumes and, of course, fashion. Let’s talk about more about Dior.

The Origin of Christian Dior


Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Granville. In 1910, he moved to Paris with his family. Dior always wanted to work in art, but his father insisted on a good education, so he enrolled at the prestigious Ecole Des Sciences Politiques in Paris where he took a degree in Politics, which would prepare him for a diplomatic career. Despite this, Dior remained passionate about working in art, so in 1928, his father give him money to open an art gallery. Unfortunately, tragedy followed soon after, with the death of his brother followed by his mother, and the family collapsed, resulting in the closure of the gallery.

To make a bit of money, Dior sold fashion sketches to haute couture houses until he was able to find a job as an assistant couturier. His position was interrupted by World War II in 1939, during which time he served as an officer until France surrendered to Germany. After the war, he joined his father and his sister on a farm in Provence until he was offered a job in Paris by couturier Lucien Lelong, who believed the Germans would revive the couture trade. Dior spent the rest of the war dressing the wives of German soldiers and French collaborators.

It was after World War II, that Dior has founded and established the Dior fashion house, with Dior's collection of the "New Look" revolutionised women's dress and contributed to the reestablishment of Paris as the centre of the fashion world. Throughout Dior's lifetime, Dior has won numerous awards for Best Costume Designs, and was tribute by various contemporary icons.


Dior Is A Luxury Fashion Brand

Dior is a luxury brand, and being haute couture, makes the brand more expensive than high-end and mass-market brands since not everyone can afford to buy it.Dior is associated with quality, the best materials, the best craftsmanship, and the best shopping experience when it comes to luxury. The French luxury fashion house offers all these and much more when you buy a Dior item.


For some people, owning a luxury item is so much more than just purchasing a product. It’s about buying something that will increase your self-esteem and make you feel better because you belong to an exclusive group of people. Having a Dior handbag can be a lifetime goal for some people, rewarding their hard work or something they have accomplished in life.


Dior Provides Status and Exclusivity


Most people buy Dior because they love the clothes’ quality and the unique design. But others purchase a Dior item because they need to feel part of an exclusive group of people who can wear the brand since most can’t.


Most consumers would have to save for months, if not years, to purchase a Dior dress or handbag since none of them is cheap. However, a small group of customers can afford to buy multiple Dior goods monthly because they have money. This makes Dior more selective and expensive.

Also, think about your perception of someone wearing a Dior dress or handbag. You will see that person has someone wealthy that can purchase a Dior item without thinking about how that will affect their finances.


So why is Dior so expensive? Because it provides status (Dior is seen as a brand for rich people) and exclusivity (not everyone can afford Dior).


Dior Provides Highest Quality Raw Materials

Dior is expensive because it uses the best materials and is manufactured majority in Italy, having the power of the “Made In Italy” label. Customers tend to think that any handbag made of Italian leather is much better than any other.The most common materials used in Dior creations are cotton, wool, and silk, all-natural and provided from Italy or France, making the French label more expensive since only the best materials are used.



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