Gucci is the biggest-selling Italian brand of all time. Other luxury designer brands like Prada and Armani are worth less than half of the total net worth of Gucci. Why is Gucci so popular? Gucci’s popularity can be attributed to its ability to attract young consumers. According to Forbes, millennials and Gen Z formed the majority of buyers of Gucci products. Other factors such as reputation, exclusivity and celebrity association can explain its popularity. This has been achieved through online solid marketing techniques, in-store experiences and digital ecosystem integration. The company also increased its popularity among young consumers by showcasing fashion with references to pop culture and fresh designs’ introduction. Let's explore more about Gucci.


Who Founded Gucci?



Guccio Gucci founded the famous fashion house in Florence, Italy in 1921. According to reporting by Rebag, before starting his namesake label, Gucci worked as a porter at the Savoy Hotel in London. Inspired by ritzy hotel guests, he returned home to work for a luggage company, Franzi, and took up leather craftsmanship before launching his own business. At first, Gucci primarily sold leather goods and focused on travel items, but eventually branched out into equestrian equipment as word of the brand reached the ears — and wallets — of British aristocrats.


Why Is Gucci So Popular?

1.Teens And Millennials Are Obsessed With Gucci


Don’t deny that we were obsessed with brands since childhood. We all grew up watching Mickey Mouse and Richy Rich. The hearts and bows, the glaring diamonds, rainbow patterns, cute quirky sweaters. Ahh!! That felt so good on screen.Gucci is one of the brands loved by millennials, and in 2018, millennials contributed to more than 50% of the sales by the brand.With millennials accepting and embracing Gucci’s fashion, it meant that the rest of the younger generations would quickly follow suit.This is the case today, and with the aggressive and smart marketing approaches adopted by the company, Gucci’s popularity has almost doubled.


2. Gucci's Worldwide Reputation

Worldwide presence is key to being a popular brand in luxury goods. Gucci’s worldwide reach beyond the fashion industry can explain its popularity. Besides fashion, Gucci’s target consumers comprise the music, automotive industry, furniture buyers and makeup industry.

All these are a result of the unique designs, highest-quality manufacturing standards, and smart marketing.


3. The Association With Celebries


The association with celebrities gives the brand publicity and drives its popularity. The star factor makes people want to buy the products of the associated brand. Gucci’s association with stars like Harry Styles, Adele, Lil Pump and Candice King popularizes it among the younger generation following and emulating such celebrities. These celebrities have a massive following on their social media platforms, which allows them to reach many customers at once.


4. It's Gucci! It's Exclusive!

Unlike other expensive brands that bulk produce their products and hang heavy price tags on them. Gucci opted for exclusivity and intelligent marketing strategies.

You’ll see that Gucci products are exclusive and hence, more wantable. The exclusivity attracts more customers (everyone wants to show off their one and only kind!!). We willingly pay for its high cost because it’s exclusive and fancy and it’s Gucci!!


5. Logo hype

The 90's logo hype is quickly taking shape in today's fashion industry again. This has pushed the popularity of the Gucci logo. People crave to have the double G logo on their items more than ever. Celebrities flaunt their Gucci logos whenever an opportunity presents itself.


6. They are trendy

Gucci attracts young individuals because of its trendy products. Gucci’s products come off as stylish because of their unique designs and shiny logo, of course. Their focus on promoting unique individuality adds to their popularity. This makes the brand different and irreplaceable.


Trends like floral prints, fur embroidery, unique colors, eccentric designs, and glimmer. Gucci promotes unique individuality that definitely works as a plus point in making this brand reach great heights. For most consumers who are into fashion mania, the brand’s products are trendy, further driving the brand’s popularity.



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